University-Wide Committees


The Senate represents the graduate and professional student body in the following university committees:

Office of the President

Presidential Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

The Presidential Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion was formed to assess opportunities to advance the goal of a fully inclusive Yale community.  It will consider ideas and proposals submitted by students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and advise the president and other university leaders on measures that hold the greatest promise to advance diversity and inclusion.

Committee on Racial and Ethnic Harassment

The President’s Committee on Racial and Ethnic Harassment has existed for many years as an alternative University-wide procedure available to any student who believes that any other member of the Yale community has harassed him or her because of race or ethnic origin. Although it is called upon only rarely, this additional avenue of recourse reflects Yale’s commitment to maintaining a racially and ethnically diverse community in which all members can expect fair treatment.

Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

The Committee develops recommendations for presentation to the Yale Corporation concerning the voting of Yale’s stock shares at annual corporate meetings. In its broad outlines, the Committee functions in accordance with the policies set by the Yale Corporation. More specific articulations of those policies were developed in the context of investments in South Africa during apartheid and more recently with respect to the voting of proxies on shareholder resolutions regarding tobacco.

Minority Advisory Council

The Minority Advisory Council (MAC) advises the president on issues relating to the welfare of minority groups across all units at Yale. The council, comprised of students, faculty and staff operates like all other committees appointed by the president in that it serves as an advisory council that can bring very specific recommendations to the attention of the president, but MAC does not set policy.

Committee of Review (joint with Yale College)

Reviews and, when appropriate, requests reconsideration of disciplinary decisions made by the Dean after a formal hearing by the Committee on Regulations and Discipline.

Presidential Carbon Charge Task Force

The Task Force has been asked to determine whether a carbon charge should be introduced at Yale, and if so to provide a blueprint for its design. In considering different plans, the objective is a program that provides incentives for different units to reduce their carbon footprint in a way that is not administratively or economically burdensome. The Task Force will examine programs that have been implemented in other organizations and will consult with experts around the country and with interested individuals across Yale. President Salovey has asked the Task Force to report early in 2015 with the hope that it will identify a way for Yale to move ahead with a pilot program in selected units for the academic year 2015-16.

Office of the Provost

Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities

The Committee provides the University with invaluable advice and assistance in fulfilling its commitment to maintain an environment that is accessible and supportive of the work and scholarship of all students, faculty and staff.

Digital Humanities Committee

This committee works to bring together the various campus constituencies concerned with advancing work in the digital humanities at Yale.

Human Subjects Committee

The committee contributes invaluably to the University’s research mission by overseeing the protection of human subjects who participate in the University’s research initiatives and ensuring the compliance of human-subjects research with federal regulations and institutional policies.

Task Force on Data Access and Use

The committee will consider data access and use and will ask the group to offer ideas for possible policy changes and improvements in access to Yale’s online information that would foster student entrepreneurism

Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board

Provides advice to the Title IX Steering Committee on a range of issues, such as campus culture, training and educational programming, and complaint and disciplinary processes.

University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) is designed to address allegations of sexual misconduct of every kind and is available to students, faculty and staff across the University according to the guidelines described in the Committee’s procedures.

Title IX Student Advisory Committee

The Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board is a group of students selected from Yale’s professional schools and graduate school departments who meet regularly with the Title IX Steering Committee. The Title IX Steering Committee has responsibility to oversee Yale’s efforts to address and prevent gender discrimination and sexual misconduct at Yale. The advisory board provides guidance and student perspectives on related policies, procedures, and programs. Advisory board members also participate in the development and implementation of initiatives to promote a climate of inclusion and respect at Yale. Interested in getting involved? Apply Here!


Office of Career Services (OCS) Student Advisory Board

Advisory Committee on Graduate and Professional Student Housing 

Academic Calendar Committee

ITS Committee on Application Programming Interfaces 

ITS Institutional Online Services Committee 

ITS Committee on Organizational Management Software 

Mental Health and Counseling Advisory Council 

Yale Health Plan Member Advisory Committee 

Advisory Committee on Environmental Management 

Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors

Yale Alumni Magazine Editorial Board

Traffic Safety Subcommittee of the University Safety Committee

Worklife Subcommitee

Additionally, the Senate Executive Board members meet annually with the Yale Corporation (Yale University’s Board of Trustees) to discuss Graduate and Professional Student life.

For GSAS and FAS Committees with student representation, please see GSA’s website.