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Medical Student Council (MSC)

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General Description:  The Medical Student Council is responsible for developing, promoting, and funding student activities, improving medical student quality of life, and fostering greater interactions with other Yale graduate schools and departments.  The Medical Student Council serves as a forum for students to discuss issues pertaining to their education and community.  Representatives of the Medical Student Council are intimately involved in the education review process at the Yale University School of Medicine.

The Medical Student Counsel has four officer level positions, which are the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Communications Officer. Other members of the MSC elected by their classmates with equal representation from each incoming class.

Functions:  Advocacy, Funding, Social


Student: Amanda Wallace,

Administrator: To Be Determined

 Recent Issues at the School of Medicine:

  • Mandatory attendance in small groups

  • Encryption of personal computers

  • Designated student space

Events at the School of Medicine:

  • Annual Hunger & Homelessness Auction in early November.

  • Annual Grannum Talent Showcase in February to raise money for the Health Professions Recruitment and Enrichment Program (HPREP), a 10-week program that brings area high school students to the medical school on Saturday mornings for classes on health-related topics.

  • HAVEN Free Clinic is open to all Yale volunteers.