School of Management

SOM Student Government

General Description:  In addition to one president, student government includes 30 elected representatives (divided evenly between second and first year students) who serve as committee chairs. Committees include admissions, academics, career development office, student life, marketing and communications, and alumni. We meet twice per month to discuss student feedback, plan events, and update each other across committees. Each of the committee chairs is responsible for building and maintaining a strong relationship with his or her departmental chair (administrator).

Mission:  The SOM Student Government is the principal means by which students collectively shape their SOM experience and the experience of future classes.  The institution fosters communication, respect and understanding among students, faculty, staff and alumni in order to maintain and enhance the Yale School of Management’s unique place in the field of business education.  The Student Government will be the chief voice of the students to advise SOM’s administration on student issues, develop thoughtful solutions to concerns as they arise, work with the administration to help SOM excel in the areas of student life, student clubs, academic life, career development, alumni relations, admissions, student and academic services, and IT and facilities.

Functions:  Advocacy, Funding, Social, Policy Change

Current Representatives: 

(The current president’s term is April 2012 to April 2013; all terms are January 2012 to January 2013; elections for second years are in the spring and for first years in the fall)

President:  Caitlin Sullivan,


Student: Preetha Nooyi,

Administrator: Betsy Dailinger, Deputy Director of Student & Academic Services,

Recent Issues at the School of Management:

  • Facilities issues–old building space constraints

  • Academic feedback, to and from professors

  • Integrating SOM into the rest of Yale

Events at the School of Management:

  • We need to do better at this

  • A handful of mixers with Nursing/Law School/Joint events at GPSCY.