School of Art

Student Advisory Board

General Description:  Each department within the School of Art elects representatives from both the first and second year class. The representatives then have meetings (one per semester) with the dean as well as other administrators. In these meetings we discuss the concerns of the student body as well as plan some events (such as the annual Open Studios event in May). Student representatives can also hold individual meetings with the dean to discuss department specific problems.

Functions:  Advocacy, Social

Student representatives are elected each year in early September.

Administrator: Patricia DeChiara, Director of Academic Affairs,

Recent Issues at the School of Art:

  • Funding from the Art School

  • Money for thesis openings

  • Money for the annual Open Studios

Events at the School of Art:

  • There are 6 thesis show openings in the spring semester that are organized by the department that is showing (2 painting/printmaking, 2 sculpture, 1 graphic design, and 1 photography show). These openings are usually 2 or 3 weeks apart from each other and start in early February and continue through May. Our largest event is the Open Studios which is held annually in May. All departments participate in this event. We have trouble getting funding from the School of Art administration for all of these events.

  • Also all visiting artist lectures in the School of Art are open to the campus community and free of charge.