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General Description & Mission:  The mission of the Jack Cole Society is to foster academic achievement, clinical excellence and professional leadership in the Physician Associate Student. The activities sponsored by the Jack Cole Society are aimed at promoting the PA profession, educating the community about the services a PA can offer, as well as speaking with students that have an interest in the medical profession, but have not heard about the PA profession or may have questions. Another objective of the society is to advocate for fostering an efficient and productive MD-PA relationship, by means of professionalism and working as an active member of the medical team.

Functions:  Advocacy, Social


Student: Michelle Giwerc,

Recent Issues in the PA Program:

  • Getting more people interested and involved with promoting our society, as well as the PA profession

  • Having various members of the student organization better balance their responsibilities in the classroom or hospital along with their duties within JCS

  • Getting members involved with the various events that we have been organizing, or other schools have organized.

Events at the PA Program:

  • Yale Physician Associate Week. October 6th-12th annually with a PA sponsored 5k race, movie night on old campus, PA advocacy sessions in the Hope building, PA/MD speaker panel regarding fostering a efficient PA/MD relationship