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General Description:  We have a general assembly that is composed of representatives from each degree-granting department or program in the Graduate School (GSAS). The general assembly meets biweekly. A representative is per 40 students. We have 5 standing committees. The Steering Committee meets with deans of GSAS biweekly and consists of the executive board (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) and six other representatives. There must be two representatives from each of the three divisions of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The other standing committees are: Facilities and Healthcare, Academics and Professional Development, Transit and Security, and Publicity. Each representative is required to be on at least one of these committees.

Mission:  The Graduate Student Assembly is an elected body of Yale students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Assembly's goals are to identify the needs and concerns of graduate students, consider possible solutions, and present these to the Dean and other administrators. We also discuss, propose, and advise on possible changes to Graduate School policy proposed by the administration. The assembly provides a means for communication and deliberation both among graduate students and between graduate students and other members of the Yale community.

Functions:  Advocacy

Current Representatives:

(All terms are May 2015 to May 2016; elections are in late April)

Chair Elizabeth Salm
Vice Chair Katie Oltman
Secretary Rachel Love
Treasurer Bill Ruff
Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF) Director Patrick Dunn
Webmaster Mate Nagy










Student: Andrea Stavoe,

Administrator: Rob Harper-Mangels, Assistant Dean,

Recent Issues at the GSAS:

    • Reports on Graduate Education at Yale and Best Practices, written by GSAS Dean Tom Pollard

  • Legal Aid

  • Housing

  •  Events at the GSAS:

    • GSA does not host any major events that are open to the campus community.

    • There are several minor events happening weekly throughout the year that are typically open to graduate and professional students and post-docs.

    GSA Charter

    GSA Bylaws