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Student Council

Divinity School Student Council Website

General Description:  The Student Council is made of up of an Executive Council, composed of the Student Body President, Vice-President, and Secretary; two Community Life Coordinators; one representative from each degree program; one representative from each Charter Student Organization; one representative from each Faculty Committee; one representative each from Institute of Sacred Music and Berkeley Divinity; one YDS GPS senator; one at-large student representative to the faculty.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide a forum to meet and discuss concerns of the student body, including facilitating community-wide discussion of pressing topics. The Council is the primary liaison between the student body and the faculty and administration. We provide supplementary funding for projects and events that promote the work of the Council.

Functions:  Advocacy, Funding, Social


Administrator: Dale Peterson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, dale.peterson@yale.edu

Recent Issues at the Divinity School:

  • Race, class, and inclusivity

  • Providing feedback to search committee about new Dean

  • Diverse representation on elected committees

Events at the Divinity School:

  • Community Life Committees hold a number of events through out the year that are open to the entire campus community.