COVID-19 Resources

April 30, 2020


     A Resolution Expressing the Sense of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate During COVID-19 to Recognize and Support G&P Yale University Students


Whereas the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) represents the graduate and professional (G&P) student population at Yale University; and,

Whereas it is the mission of the GPSS to influence the policy, culture, and views of the University leadership by expressing the views of the student body to the administration and by issuing statements of our position to the media and administration; and,

Whereas since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, students within various graduate and professional schools have come forth with requests and demands of their schools in support of G&P academic and professional development.

Therefore, be it resolved that GPSS supports the efforts of G&P students across the university during the COVID-19 pandemic and is in solidarity with the ongoing requests of G&P students.

Be it further resolved that GPSS recognizes the current pandemic has created unique student needs including, but not limited to emergency fund relief, extending university resources for the graduating class, extended funding requests, expanded healthcare for physical and mental health support.

Be it further resolved that we encourage the university to include G&P student input on decision-making within contingency planning committees on topics regarding student teaching, research, and academic policies. 

Be it further resolved that GPSS encourages the university administration to respond to student requests and provide financial and academic provisions as appropriate for the G&P community.

                                                                                                                                                                  GPS Senate



          The Senate has compiled a list of resources we feel are useful to G&P students during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Have a resource you'd like to add? Share it with us on our Google Form.

Have a question and would like to contact the Senate directly? Find out how to contact us here.


Yale Central Resources

Yale University COVID-19 Announcements : Yale actions and responses 

Yale Health  (Covid-19 information & resources) :  

Yale School of Medicine :

Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning


Virtual Gallery and Concerts

Yale Center for British Art Virtual Tour

Yale Art Gallery Collection Highlights

MET Opera

The MET Virtual Tour

Peabody Museum: David Friend Hall Gem Room


Reading and Entertainment

Yale Overdrive (E-books and audiobooks)

Libby (Platform for public library e-book collections)

Yale Xfinity (VPN Required)


Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Being Well at Yale

Yale's Good Life Center

Yale University Chaplain

Headspace (Mindfulness app)

Insight Timer (Meditation app)

Calm App (Meditation & Sleep app)

Stop, Breathe & Think (Meditation app)

Smiling Mind (Meditation app)

Berkeley Morning Prayer (Zoom link; 8am daily prayer from the Divinity School)

Marquand Chapel (Online worship services)



Centr (Home fitness and wellness; 6 week free trial)

My Fitness Pal (Fitness Tracker)

Planet Fitness (Live workouts streamed daily)

Core Power Yoga (Free yoga videos)

Fitness Blender (Free exercise videos)

Blogilates (Free pilates videos)

Yoga for Uncertain Times (Free yoga videos)


Online Grocery Delivery

Edge of the Woods Vegetarian Grocery (Delivery and Pickup)


Stop & Shop



Whole Foods

Ranch 99