Public Relations Committee

Chair 2020-2021: Phirum Laurence Gaillard (

The Public Relations Committee coordinates and disseminates information about Senate and The Gryphon to external parties, including the offices of the University administration, the schools and departments, student organizations, and the Association of Yale Alumni. The Committee also strives to improve communication between students and Senate to ensure that all voices are heard.  

The Committee is responsible for the Weekly Announcements, which publicizes events initiated by Senate, events funded by Senate, or any other event of interest to graduate and professional students.  Our Weekly Announcements page lets you submit your events or announcements for dissemination to all graduate and professional students at Yale.

The Committee is also responsible for the Facebook group, where students can share events or information that might interest graduate and professional students.  We encourage all to join!

Senate has an INSTAGRAM!!  Follow us!

The Committee is also responsible for this website and working on other avenues to reach out to students.  If you have any comments, concerns, or possible improvements, feel free to reach out to the PR Chair.  All feedback is welcome!