Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair 2020-2021: JaQuan Beachem (jaquan.beachem@yale.edu)

The Committee on Diversity & Inclusion serves as the central liaison between G&P students and the university administration on issues of diversity and inclusion (broadly defined). Its mandate is to solicit input from the G&P community and advocate for specific policies, programs and initiatives that would enhance diversity and inclusion on campus.

The Committee, started last fall in response to the events on campus, created the survey based on feedback from the GPSS Diversity Forum.  The survey asked graduate and professional students about their experiences with bias and discrimination at Yale.  The results of the survey is presented in the 2016 GPSS Diversity Report, authored by the GPSS Ad hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.  Click here for the full report!

Looking for resources regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Visit Belonging at Yale for resources, reports, and more.

If you have a question or concern, feel free to contact the Committee via the link below:

Click here to submit a concern to the Committee!

GPSS Diversity Report