Officers and Senators

2016 - 2017

Executive Committee

Will Culligan, President

Brandon Holtrup, Vice-President

Andrew Kirk, Treasurer

Isaac Howell, Secretary

Jack Zhao, Advocacy Chair

Catherine Xie, Community Service Chair

Sameer Jaywant, ad hoc Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Wes Robertson, Funding Chair

Joori Park, Professional Development Chair

Etienne Greenlee, Public Relations Chair

Savannah Thais, Social Chair

John Andrews, Social Chair


Gourav Krishna Nandi GSAS - Humanities
Kyle Skinner GSAS - Humanities
Edward Courchaine GSAS - Natural Sciences
Qinglan Ding GSAS - Natural Sciences
Michael Leddy GSAS - Natural Sciences
Sarah Malkowski GSAS - Natural Sciences
Zlatko Minev GSAS - Natural Sciences
Jack Moen GSAS - Natural Sciences
Matthew Piva GSAS - Natural Sciences
Molly Scott GSAS - Natural Sciences
William Thompson GSAS - Natural Sciences
Wenping Zhou GSAS - Natural Sciences
Hitoishi Chakma GSAS - Social Sciences
Kathleen Oltman GSAS - Social Sciences
Kamila Orlova GSAS - Social Sciences
Grigory Shutko GSAS - Social Sciences
Preeti Srinivasan GSAS - Social Sciences
Antonino Boornazian School of Architecture
Menglan Li School of Architecture
TBD School of Art
Michael Kurth Divinity School
Tyler Ung Divinity School
Sean Massa Divinity School
Paula Clarkson School of Drama
Lucie Dawkins School of Drama
Kevin Terry Lee School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
David McCarthy School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Caroline Muraida School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Jordan Bryant Law School
Andrew Molina Law School
Grace Batiste School of Management
Pepe Carrillo School of Management
Adrian Holman School of Management
Shiv Sinha School of Management
Sophie Chung School of Medicine
Walter Hsiang School of Medicine
Farhan Murshed School of Medicine
Alex Sun School of Medicine
Josh Feler School of Medicine
Molly Joyce School of Music
Kevin Zheng School of Music
Jennifer Barnhart School of Nursing
Chimene Diomi School of Nursing
Maria Stenquist School of Nursing
Mallory Grosso Physician Associate Program
Shermaine Hutchins School of Public Health
Rick Yang School of Public Health
Jolisa Brooks (FES) Senator-at-large
Case Carpenter (SOM) Senator-at-large
Emma Greenbaum (FES) Senator-at-large
Shams Islam (FES) Senator-at-large
Jessica Leung (FES) Senator-at-large
Sanjna Malpani (FES) Senator-at-large
Ponnu Padiyara (YSPH) Senator-at-large
James Super (GSAS) Senator-at-large
Kaicheng Li (GSAS) Senator-at-large